[Planche 31] A rotunda, plan and profile, circumscribed by a circle of 13 feet diameter

Anonyme, gravé par
Inventory number
L 424 LR/32 Recto
Handwritten inventory reference:
vol.9, p.60
Département des Arts graphiques
Collection Edmond de Rothschild
Artist/maker / School / Artistic centre
Anonyme , gravé par
Ecole inconnue
edité par SAYER Robert
gravé d'après MORRIS Robert (architecte)


Object name/Title
[Planche 31] A rotunda, plan and profile, circumscribed by a circle of 13 feet diameter
Type of object
Description de l'album :
[Sur la page de titre] : London: Sold by Robert Sayer, opposite Fetter-Lane, Fleet-Street. MDCCLV.
In-8, volume broché, couverture en papier bleu marbré.

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Collector / Previous owner / Commissioner / Archaeologist / Dedicatee
Dernière provenance : Rothschild, baron Edmond de
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Réserve Edmond de Rothschild
Architecture improved, in a collection of Modern, Elegant and useful Designs; from Slight and Graceful Recesses, Lodges and other Decorations in Parks, Gardens, Woods or Forests, to the Portico, Bath, Observatory, and interior Ornaments of Superb Buildings. With Great Variety of Rich Embellishments for Chimneys in the Taste of Inigo Jones, Mr. Kent, &c. All curiously Engraved On Fifty Copper-Plates, Octavo. Designed by Robert Morris, Surveyor. Late of Hyde-Park-Street, Grosvenor-Square.
L 424 LR
Folio 38
gravé au recto
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