Garden front of the same

vers 1795/1796
Anonyme, gravé par
L 446 LR/29 Recto
Département des Arts graphiques
Inventory number
L 446 LR/29 Recto
Handwritten inventory reference:
vol.9, p.61
Département des Arts graphiques
Collection Edmond de Rothschild
Artist/maker / School / Artistic centre
Anonyme , gravé par
Ecole inconnue
gravé d'après PLAW John


Object name/Title
Garden front of the same
Type of object
Description de l'album :
[Sur la page de titre] : London: Published by I. and J. Taylor, at the architectural library, Holborn. MDCCXCVI.
In-folio, reliure veau orné.

Places and dates

vers 1795/1796


Collector / Previous owner / Commissioner / Archaeologist / Dedicatee
Dernière provenance : Rothschild, baron Edmond de
Acquisition details
Acquisition date

Location of object

Current location
Réserve Edmond de Rothschild
Ferme ornée ; or Rural Improvements. A series of Domestic and Ornamental Designs, suited to parks, plantations, rides, walks, rivers, farms, &c. Consisting of fences, paddock houses, a bath, a dog-kennel, pavilions, farm-yards, fishing-houses, sporting-boxes, shooting-lodges, single and double cottages, &c. Calculates for landscape and picturesque effects. Engraved on thirty-eight plates. With Appropriate Scenery, Plans and Explanations. By John Plaw, Architect.
L 446 LR
Folio 39
gravé au recto

The artwork can be seen by appointment in the Louvre's Prints and Drawings Study Room.
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